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Geosatis Electronic Monitoring

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Geosatis Electronic Monitoring

The New Generation of Electronic Monitoring

Geosatis has developed an overall solution of electronic monitoring that can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Hybrid Ankle Bracelet

The Geosatis electronic bracelet is the most secure, reliable and convenient GPS/ RF one-piece ankle bracelet on the market, combining a unique, robust and easy to use toroidal shape design with state-of-the-art secure and precise geo-localization technologies.

Geosatis has upgraded the functionalities of its bracelet with a higher level of encryption and the inclusion of a dual sim card slot to maximize mobile network connectivity.

With a sophisticated multi-sensor tampering detection, any attempts to open or damage the bracelet are detected and reported immediately to the monitoring centre.



Home Curfew

The base station offers the functionality to locate the offender indoors using radio frequency. Proximity to the home station is constantly monitored and reported. If the bracelet moves out of range, it will re-enable GSM and GPS for localisation and telecommunication. Once the base station is installed it can't be moved thanks to its embedded motion sensors that will immediately trigger an alarm at the monitoring centre.



Victim Protection

 The Geosatis Victim Protection has been designed in order to ensure that the person under protection is safe at all times, mostly use for domestic violence scenarios. The device allows the protected person to move freely surrounded by a mobile safety zone and works in conjunction with the Geosatis ankle bracelet worn by the offender.


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