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Personal Breathalyser Registration Form

Please fill out the Warranty Registration Form:

Personal Breathalyser Registration Form 

Failure to submit registration may impact on your warranty

This device is not intended for excessive use in a short period of time. E.g. Handing around at a party or gathering. This may saturate the fuel cell, cause inaccurate readings or damage to the fuel cell. Please allow 10 minutes between tests to ensure accuracy.

To ensure the accuracy and compliance with Australian Standards, it is recommended that the Personal Breathalyser is returned to the supplier for calibration every 6 months. Smart Start cannot guarantee the accuracy of the device if calibrations are not carried out. Cost of calibration is $65.00 including shipping.

Owners Responsibility

The owner is responsible for the correct operation and maintenance of the equipment as listed below.

- Neglect or consumer damage is not covered by warranty.

- Operation and maintenance of the equipment in accordance with the operating instructions

- Regular cleaning of the instrument with a mild disinfectant and a soft cloth on the outside casing where necessary

- Ensure the unit is stored in a dry environment away from corrosive materials

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