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Ajen AL001 Personal Breathalyser

Ajen Monitoring Systems

Ajen AL001 Personal Breathalyser

AUD 249.00
Australian Standards certified personal breathalysers using advanced fuel cell sensor technology. Compact size, reliable, accurate and affordable. Easy to use single button control with 5 second test time. 
  • Fuel Cell Sensor Technology
  • Australian Standards AS3547 Certified
  • Highly Accurate Readings
  • Detection Range: 0.000 – 0.400% BAC / 0.000- 2.000 mg/l BrAC
  • 3 Decimal Place Reading
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • 12 Months Warranty



Fast warm-up / response / recovery time & accurate result.

- Fast warm-up for quick start & consecutive test.

- Quick response time in 3 ~ 35 seconds.

- Professional grade accuracy for successive testing and even after a long time of use.

- Dual light LCD display with 4 digits ( BAC/BrAC) together with a different

sound in each stage.

- Wide detection range up to 0.400% BAC or 2.000 BrAC.


Intelligent functions & reliable performance.

- Flow check technology.

- Working temperature check function.

- Low battery warning.

- Test time indication.

- Automatic power-off.


Easy Calibration & Low cost maintenance.

To maintain the unit to Australian Standards, calibration every six (6) months is required
Calibration Fee $65.00.

- One point (0.100% BAC/0.500 BrAC) automatic recalibration.

- Longer sensor lifetime & long-term stability.

- Economic sensor cost for A/S.

 Calibration Steps



- 9V battery power for stable & long time use

- Hygienic individual Mouthpiece packing.

- Professional design, compact, lightweight hand-held device


How to Use your AJEN AL001


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